Somua SM Statistics    

Tier 8 france heavyTank
WN8 Expected Values:
Frags: 1.121
Damage: 1558.29
Spotted: 0.711
Defence: 0.652
Winrate: 53.815%
Tier 8 france heavyTank
Actual Server Values:
Frags: 1.25
Damage: 1,710.01
Spotted: 0.73
Defence: N/A
Winrate: 56.26%
Survival Rate: 0.04%
Players Stats:
Total Players: 19,658
WN8: 1,335.15
Recent WN8: 5,530.36
Winrate: 50.02%
* Total stats from all players who played this tank

Somua SM stats changes over time

Date Average battles Damage Frags Spotted WN8 Winrate Players
January 19, 2020 45.58 1,472.16 1.05 0.71 1,386.15 52.66% 19,643
* Stats changes not only because of existing players starting to play on this tank, but also because more players are being added to our database.
* We started to collect this data since August 07, 2017, so earlier information is not available.

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